Hello friend, my name is Clem Lafrades.

 " Slay life in the body you're in & Shine your true soul self."

Early summer 2017, I suffered an anxiety attack that felt like death.  I was scared on the floor of my upstairs office, unable to move, breathe, or call for help.  I was scared, I thought I was dying, & desperately wanted to tell my kids and husband downstairs that I loved them.  Moments later, peace washed over me knowing that they knew, then I was ready to let go.  As I surrendered, the constriction around my heart & lungs released.  After that day, I knew I wanted that kind of peace in my life all of the time.

Back in 2005 I started the first women's only outdoor fitness boot camps in my region, and when business boomed, my husband joined me and it evolved into Victory Get Fit Club, a Mind & Physique Transformation Boutique for women in Federal Way, Wa.  We have helped hundreds of women and now trainers as a co-working space.

When I when I arose from my office floor, I realized that my lack of mental health & stress caused the adverse affect on my physical wellness.  People pleasing, prioritizing clients before myself or family, a need for inclusion and belonging, desire for success, and lack of boundaries was too much weight & stress.  I sought help from therapists, a Vedic meditation master (this helped a ton) but then I felt lost.  I no longer felt aligned or connected to my old life and didn't know where to go next.  Sound Baths helped me clear the chatter in my head, calm my fried nerves, and helped recenter me.  After a trip to Costa Rica with Ayauascha & Shamans, I started working with a Life Coach Energy Healer (I wouldn't have believed you had you told me this 10 years earlier).

During my depression, I didn't see that my 89 year old aunt living with me was also depressed, no longer eating, shrunk down to 78lbs., and barely could walk.  In and out of emergency rooms, she was my perfect escape route from my business that no longer felt a part of me or reflected the spirit and culture I had created.  So I walked away from my business for a year and a half.  I blamed it for my poor mental health and all of the long hours wasted away from my kids.  But I know now IT didn't do it to me, I made the choices that led to it, and it happened FOR me and my family.   

Physical therapy and at home strength workouts became Auntie's saving grace.  She wasn't supposed to make it past 6 months but celebrated her 90th birthday with our huge family.  She's stronger than ever.  I have a feeling she's still here to remind me to slow down, prioritize self-care, mental/spiritual health, family connection, and balance.

Heart felt thanks to everyone instrumental in my evolution.

Bliss & Blessings to you,

Clem Lafrades

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