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Slay WORK-shop


WORKshop is what comes next after visualization work and putting dreams down on paper, it’s about creating a step-by-step game plan and blueprint for success then executing… Slay.

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Reset Get-Away


It happens.  We get super focused in creating success in one area of life (for most of us, business) then our body, health, relationships, and the fun all suffers.

Re-calibrate your SHINE.

Slay and Shine Success Planner

You feel it, deep down in your soul.. you were made for more.  We women have so much to juggle and can get spread so thin that our efforts can fall short in areas that mean so much to us (family, love, health, business).  By the end of the day, week, month, or even year, we are feeling unfulfilled or regret missing out on self-care, love, and life.  There’s no right or wrong way to balance your time and each season of life has it’s own definition of work/love balance.  This planner will help you create a life that’s fulfilling and a game plan for success (YOUR definition of it).

  • 90/ 60/ 30 days goals chart.
  • Yearly, weekly, and daily view of schedule & appointments.
  • Social Media content planner.
  • Brain dump, ideas, & priority to-do’s.
  • Weekly meal plan & grocery list.
  • Daily workout, water, sleep, & cals/macros log.
  • Weekly Mantra & intention setting.
  • Daily gratitude, limiting thought awareness, and abundant thought reprogramming.
  • Daily reading log.
  • Reach out.  Cultivate relationships reminder.

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Quarterly Slay WORK-Shop

Have great ideas but don’t know where to start?  Dreams SO big, it’s overwhelming?  Or do you feel you should be further along towards your success by now?

You’ll learn how to take your big HUGE intimidating dream and break it down into doable mile markers that you know you can achieve.  We can’t eat the whole pie all at once.  That’ll hurt!

You will create quarterly and monthly targets that will reveal a road map for your action steps and measurable progress evaluations that help you change lanes quickly when you get off track.

Do you have procrastin-itis?  Here you’ll get a realistic view of time and it’s relation to the amount of effort needed to complete your mission.  You’ll stop underestimating time and your workload to get things done effectively.  Imagine how much stress & anxiety you can avoid when you execute with ease!  Use this planner to end your procrastination and begin to manifest dreams into reality.

What the session is like:

We’ll start with a little bit of Meditation/Visualization to prime the brain to download new ideas,  then small group masterminding, goals/targets/action steps mind mapping, content storming, and a whole lot of taking ACTION.

And because I do not want you to come away with just another great idea from yet another seminar or workshop you’ve attended, you will set several goals into motion and begin implementation before you leave.

You’ll get:

  • Slay and Shine Entrepreness Success Planner ($27 value)
  • Learn The Slay Success System ($250 value)
  • Beautiful & nourishing light snacks & refreshments
  • Free lifetime membership into our online Slay Planner Community ($25 per month value)
  • and as a gift to you, your ticket to the June 26th Girlfriends Success Circle.  ($26 non-refundable, non-transferable)

Turn Dreams into Plans –> Plans into Manifestation.

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Self-care & SHINE Reset Getaway

It’s not easy juggling so much all at once regardless of how much we love our people and what we do.  There’s nothing wrong with you, we were not physically & mentally built to carry this much load.    Stress… if left unchecked, over time will crush you and attack your mind and body.  After my own personal anxiety attack after almost 20 years of business, I knew I could no longer continue what I was doing the way I was doing it.

The Self-care & SHINE Reset Getaway:

  • Quiet the noise from others, hear your own spirit.  Daily morning mediation allows creative new ideas to appear.
  • Build your inner power & strength.  Exercises to help you discover how strong and tenacious you really are.  There isn’t anything you can’t overcome and accomplish.  Pride & self-confidence will propel you farther.
  • Refreshing and nourishing life giving delicious foods.
  • Reflection & empowerment workshops.
  • Daily stretching.
  • Evening healing Sound Baths.
  • One massage.
  • Hair, makeup, and photo shoot to refresh next year’s marketing material and give you visuals for social media content and blogs.
  • Visualize next year’s outcome and set goals.
  • Map out targets and mile markers for the 1st quarter.
  • Small group masterminding and content storming.
  • and of course… plenty of sight seeing!

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