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Do you have great ideas but don’t know where to start?  Dreams SO big, it’s overwhelming?  Or do you feel you should be further along towards your success by now?

At this event, you will turn dreams into plans, put in the WORK to execute and SLAY!
You’ll learn how to take your big HUGE intimidating dream and break it down into doable mile markers that you know you can achieve.

You will create quarterly and monthly targets that will reveal a road map for your action steps with measurable progress evaluations that help you change lanes quickly when you’re headed the wrong way.

Next event: June 19, 2018 6-830pm W hotel Bellevue “Living Room Lounge”

QUARTERLY GET-TOGETHER will be announced via Slay and Shine newsletter. Be sure to stay in the know and get on our list.

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Bring your dreams into the WORKshop and execute!
You have great ideas and big dreams, but are having a tough time accomplishing them, you don’t know where to start, no defined plan of attack, or a clear process for progress checks ins…. But you can feel it.. you are destined for greater accomplishments!

The Slay WORKshop:
– Part non-traditional Vision Board party without glue sticks, scissors, and magazines. You will have clearly defined vision and goals up on the wall.
– Re-visit or create your business or personal mission statement, core values, and tagline. These will keep you from becoming distracted and side tracked. Stay in your lane, finish your own race, and keep aligned with your true self.
– A few minutes for quiet, soothing, and relaxing meditation to help prepare your mind and spirit to download creative new ideas.
– Take your business challenges & ideas to the lab. You will mastermind ideas and get solutions for challenges in an intimate small group of successful business women, who also have insight as consumers.
– Map out your next 90 day, the mile markers, targets, progress check-points, and goals.
– Content Co-Storm. You will come away with topics for your marketing, blogging, vlogging, podcast, and social media to plan out your Content Calendar in the Slay and Shine planner. Reach the clients that best fit you by speaking to their needs and desires.

Do you have procrastin-itis? You’ll organize your time and efforts to no longer underestimate the workload and the allotted time to do it in. Work with less stress and more ease. Proudly render quality work that you thoughtfully prepared all the details for rather than rushed, last minute, and regretting. Create a healthy workflow that’s not constantly raising your adrenaline and cortisol fight or flight hormones which cause so many physical problems inc. thyroid, heart, and metabolism issues.

What this session is like:
We’ll start with the introduction of the Slay Success System, list our goals for the remainder of the year & why it needs to be done, a little bit of Meditation/Visualization to prime the brain for download of new ideas, defining your values, mission, and message, group Co-storm, ideas and solutions masterminding, 90-60-30 goals/targets/action steps, and a whole lot of taking ACTION.

You’ll recieve:

  • Slay and Shine Entrepreness Success Planner ($27 value)
  • Learn The Slay Success System ($250 value)
  • and as a gift to you, your ticket to the June 26th Girlfriends Success Circle.  ($26 non-refundable, non-transferable)
  • Turn Dreams into Plans –> Plans into Manifestation.

    Colored pens, notebook for notes, markers, sticky notes, comfy pillow in case you want to spread out on the floor.
    We will provide:
    – Slay and Shine Entrepreness Success Planner
    – The Slay Success System
    – Cozy & comfortable space to work
    – Healthy nourishment
    – and beautiful refreshments


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