90 Day Entrepreness Success Planner

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Going after your goals and dreams should be energizing, fulfilling, and satisfying. In the Slay & Shine Entrepreness Success Planner you’ll include very important areas of your life which normally get neglected when you’re in the “Hustle”. Create success with no regrets, remorse, guilt, or empty dissatisfaction. We were only given one wild chance at life, time to design a destiny worth living!

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You feel it, deep down in your soul.. you were made for more.  We women have so much to juggle and can get spread so thin that our efforts can fall short in areas that mean so much to us (family, love, health, business).  By the end of the day, week, month, or even year, we are feeling unfulfilled or regret missing out on self-care, love, and life.  There’s no right or wrong way to balance your time and each season of life has it’s own definition of work/love balance.  This planner will help you create a life that’s fulfilling and a game plan for success- YOUR definition of it.

90 Days Entrepreness Success Planner

  • -Learn the 90 day goal getting Slay and Shine Success System that will move your Dream Boards past fairy tale.
  • -Bust the “I’m SO Busy” but have no progress to show for it at the end of the week tailspin.
  • -Restless nights? Research shows that a Brain Dump into a journal helps reduce anxiety, comforting your mind that loose ends & responsibilities will not be forgotten.
  • -Goals are great, but action creates results! Every 30 days, map out your Actions for the month to support your goals.
  • -Social Media content plan.
  • -Weekly Mantra.
  • -Weekly intention & action plan for Mind/Spirit, Relationships, Body, Career/Business.
  • -Weekly view of Meal Plan.
  • -Weekly view of Appointments.
  • -Daily Schedule along with top 5 priorities.
  • -Daily Reach out and send a quick (non-social media) hello to a contact via handwritten card, text, or voicemail. Don’t be known as the person who only calls when you need something or selling something.
  • -Daily workout, water, sleep, and macro/calories log.
  • -Daily mindset training: Notice Limiting beliefs then replace them with thoughts of abundance.
  • -End of week Balance Check, revelations, and epiphanies.
  • -90 day review: Rate your Joy, rate the alignment of your actions to your heart, etc.
  • -Undated, start anytime.

Each book is a memento of a period of your life.  Plenty of space for notes, dreams, drawings, stickers, clippings, and photos.  Look back on fond memories or see how much you’ve grown and evolved.

Size:  8.5″ x 5.5″  Weight:  13oz

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