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Huge Important Announcement

Sunday marks 2 weeks post Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica and I’m even more clear & confident with the direction I want to take Slay & Shine. I held my heart this morning (as I have for 2 weeks now) & asked her if she still wanted to help women entrepreneurs win in business.. and my beautiful heart said ‘no’. Little Clem wants to help women win in LIFE.

With over 20 yrs in business transforming minds & physiques & mentoring new business owners, I learned that people (including myself) will make ourselves ‘busy’ with tasks to gain success in business or weight loss with expectations that it will be the cure for unhappiness or feeling unfulfilled (because if I lost weight I’ll have a man or if I made more $$ I can do/have more things, meet more people, have more time for my family… Basically, be less lonely).

I’ve made $20k months & won a figure competition… I can tell you, it’s not the cure. I was still lonely in a 20 yr marriage, in the grind too busy for friends & family, & even though I attended many events surrounded by people who loved me (& some who didn’t), I still felt unhappy… Until recently.

So now, I want to help women live aligned to her heart, Mission Statement, Core Values, be clear on her message, and create more joy. Heal & love her inner child, practice forgiveness, gratitude, & grace to let things go through journaling, meditation, outter & inner-work (health in mind & body) that will create balance & success in all areas of life BUT this time with fulfillment & satisfaction.

I will no longer sell individual planner/workbooks as I found most people bought them with good intentions to help organize & change their lives but they sat on shelves unopened. Newly revised workbooks (now with Night & Morning Ritual plans, minus Social Media planner) will only be offered through my quarterly online & in-person workshops, yearly retreats, and through other biz/life coaches who support people to Slay & Shine in life. I believe this will allow my labor of love to live out it’s purpose & make a difference. Like an artist who pours their heart & soul into a project, it is fulfilling when it is enjoyed.

The Bad Ass Manifesters will now be a support & accountability group for those who will be in the upcoming 2nd quarter WORKshop in March (Discounted to who recently purchased workbooks, contact me if interested). I will post past videos on IGTV, YouTube, & FB page Clem Lafrades- Slay & Shine for those wanting to continue DIY on your own. New Slay & Shine podcast episodes can be found on Spotify & other podcast channels.

Thank you for being on this adventure with me so far and all of your past support. Change & growth is inevitable, don’t be afraid of it. Love, Light, Blessings, & Bliss to you all!

Organize your busy to…
Accomplish your Goals
Create more Joy
Love your Life

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