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How To Stop Checking Social Media In The Morning

I *HAD* a habit of checking social media first thing.
It’s easy.. my phone is my morning alarm and the brain is wired by repetition to check my apps.

Does anyone else check social media first thing in the morning and want to stop?
Key process of removing a bad habit is replacing it.
And to replace it, the mind has to have a destination to aim for.
A clear vision of where it is heading.
Writing down exact directives to the brain makes a wish into a concrete plan.
Write your directives in your planner as a to-do-list.
Even keep post-its visually in sight so that the mind is reminded often until it becomes second nature.

—- > Whatever LIFE you’d like to live in 2019, start living it now because it takes practice before it can all come together to become a habit.
—- > Did I get my first attempt today right, NO.
I forgot the meditation until the end.
Lately, I meditate and then if I have time later, I’ll workout.
Today I worked out AND meditated all before social media.
So even if it wasn’t right… It’s still a WIN!!
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