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How To Prevent Goal Disappointment

So rare, the flu hit our house hard. Christmas Netflix #3… Be warned, there are some really good new ones & it’s hard to stop! I had plans and being in my room for almost a week was not a part of it. I wanted to get things knocked off of the To-Do-List and get a head start on my 2019 goals (especially working out and getting ready for the stage next year).

Here’s a tip for preventing goal disappointment:
Set goals–> make a plan–> have something to aim for….
But practice the yogic philosophy of ‘unattachment’.

1. Some plans need a speed bump to slow down & appreciate the roses.
2. Some need a detour because we’ve already seen this view and have outgrown it. A fresh technique or shift in strategy may be needed.
3. Some plans need a temporary road block while things are under reconstruction. Self-care or other areas of life may need major attention.

Here’s what can help you breathe through it and help you find peace in the process:
—> Know that everything is happening for you and your benefit. Even if it does not logically make sense. Later on, when you look back on the path to where you are, it will be evident. Be patient, it will all work out. While you’re waiting, journal and have regular check-in’s with self. Regular weekly reflection & self-awareness helps create peace to calm the anxiety of a seemingly hopeless situation.

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