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How To Make This The Year You Finally Make IT Happen

It’s 2019! Can you believe it? Don’t you hate when people say that? It’s kind of repetitive because most people say it every year…

“I can’t believe it’s a new year.”

We make big goals. We have big plans. We go to crowded gym classes and buy piles of dieting books. We vow to spend less time on our emails and to have more of a social life. Everyone goes in with the same mindset…

This is going to be THE YEAR.

That enthusiasm and positive energy only tend to last for a few weeks before falling back into even older habits and then the cycle starts up again around December 29th of that year.

While I don’t have the key to making all of the positive changes you want to make stick, I can tell you exactly what you can do to make sure that 2019 is the year you finally develop time organization, goal strategy planning, and mindset manifestation skills. I know this is a goal you’ve had and you’ve tried a lot of things before so what makes this year different? I’ll give you a few pieces of advice to make sure it actually is DIFFERENT.

1. Clear & Committed:

We can get a bit wishy-washy with vague broad goals. The mind needs a defined target to run towards. It’s like saying “Brain, take us over there.” Let’s imagine it gives you that look like, “huh”? Define. Define. Define.

Example: I want better relationships with my spouse & kids
Have monthly quality time and meaningful individual conversations with each of my immidiate family members once a month.
I want to lose weight
I want to make more money…
more than what? How much is that?

2. Break It Down:

90 day quarterly goal setting is the Magic Sauce! Why does it work? Most people are debilitated by big hairy audacious scary goals or super scattered with all of the ideas and overwhelming to-do-lists. Decide on the clear & committed goals you’d like accomplished by the end of the year. Then break them down, deconstruct them, and layout all of the pieces and components.


  • Current number of quality alone time with spouse & kids per year: 6 per person.
  • Goal: 12 per year per person.
  • That’s 3 per quarter per person.
  • 1 per person per month.
  • Husband likes food & movies.
  • Daughter likes video games, getting her nails done, and art.
  • Son likes video games & sports.

Not hard, feels pretty doable!

3. Organize & Game Plan:

Now that you have a birds eye view of your big amazing 2019 goals, it’s easier to move components around into order. What action steps are needed to render the DEFINED results you want?


  • Plan a Thursday per month to see the latest new movie with hubby, dinner, and alone talk.
  • Nail Salon & bubble tea with daughter one Friday a month after school. If not early dismal Wednesday.
  • Rock climbing & lunch with son once a month. Find out his work schedule ahead of time to plan.
  • Schedule events a month in advance so not to commit to business or other invites.

4. Faith, Confidence, Motivationaaaand ACTION!

Game plan all you want, but without confidence that what you want is already yours, faith & belief in your inner fortitude and power to make it happen, and the motivation to ferociously go after your dreams, these ideas will be dead in the water. (Many of us are working on this in Dorothy-Inez FB Group: Authentic Confidence Coach).

5. Check-up & evaluate.
Each week I light a candle, burn some sage, diffuse oil, & meditate before I open the Slay & Shine Entrepreness Success Planner to the end of the week. I clear out my aura and energy to get super sensitive to hearing my inner voice. Then I look over the prior week to see if I need to shift anything to be closer aligned towards my vision and heart. Don’t avoid giving yourself a review, it will help you make adjustments sooner.

Ultimately, making this year YOUR year of manifestations is all about doing things in a way you never have before. You have to remember that you don’t succeed in making your goals a reality by doing things the same way you’ve always done them. Something MUST change. It’s not enough to have the declaration or quotes on clothes. If it was, you would have figured this out YEARS ago. If you really want to make your dreams come true, it’s time to make some changes.

While I can’t personally lift the weights, run the miles, eat the vegetables, make the phone calls, or do all of the work for you, I’ve realized that when it comes to taking action, you have to start with BELIEF & DECISION. This is what will help you get off of the couch, move you from dreaming to planning to taking action.

I know how hard it is to actually create a life balance that works for you. That’s why it’s your goal for 2019, right? I’d love to invite you to use the Slay and Shine Entrepreness Success Planner this year. I share a lot in these free success tip posts and in my emails but there’s nothing like in-depth work to really make a change. So much of my work is about helping people develop the skills needed to really succeed at time organization, strategy goal planning, action implementation, and executing. If you are really passionate about making this year the year you go into 2020 knowing it’s DONE, let’s work together.

Order your Slay and Shine Entrepreness Success 90 Days Planner here.

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