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Does Contentment Mean Settle?

“I look back on pictures and remember I used to think I was out of shape. But I was fine. I looked great.”

If you haven’t thought that yet, I’m sure you will some day in the future as you look back & wish you appreciated what you had.  It’s common.

“Content” brings uneasy mixed feelings for goal-getters. How am I supposed to go for more when I’m supposed to be content with where I am? But on the contrary… Being content doesn’t mean to settle.

We can still want to know what our possibilities & potential are.  I want to experience all I can at my one shot here on Earth… Don’t you? Being content is creating calm & peace in the journey towards our best self & life.  It doesn’t mean sit on the couch & watch t.v. until the end.  It means we’re going for our best, yet appreciative & grateful for the now instead of being anxious & worrisome of our tomorrow.

Imagine how freeing it is to live without the guilt of self imposed ideas of ‘perfection’ or comparison. Or imagine how much farther we’d go if our energy & effort flowed from a place of self-appreciation & love rather than criticism & dissatisfaction.

Choosing joy at every season of life creates an ease in the our journey to achieve.

The moral of the story is:
Love & appreciate yourself now at this very moment, not later after you create improvements.  Better yet, instead of seeing the journey as creating improvement because there’s something wrong with you, see it as a journey of evolution towards your highest potential.  Evolution is a rule for all living things.

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