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Choosing Your 2019 Word Of The Year

With so many to choose from it was hard to narrow it down.

2017- #protectmypeace

2018- #protectmyjoy

These past 2 years was turbulent in business and relationships, it was hard to see through the thick of it. But as usual, it forced me to up-level my thinking and beliefs to the next higher plain.

I noticed (and my friends have pointed out) that I became suspicious, doubtful, and pessimistic over the experiences these past couple years. It’s hard to keep a positive outlook when people gossip, compete, and want to see you fail. It’s easy to grow to expect gloom around every corner after the past few years I’ve had.

For a year I stepped away from Victory Get Fit Club, the business I’ve been building these past 15 years, in order to heal & get my mind in a better place (plus my husband helped clear the energy & reset the culture of the community). I’m in a much healthier & happier space, way less stressed & unworried about people pleasing clients or staff. But I realized there is still residue of fear & doubt lingering.

I lost trust in people and after so many set backs I also lost trust that things work out for my benefit. Awareness of where I am in the cycle of healing helps me be clear of what needs to be done next. And for me, I need to work my trust, belief, & faith muscles to be strong again.

Choosing a Word Of The Year is something we do to help us visualize a better future and better versions of ourselves. Here’s what to consider when choosing:

1. Take stock of your current position & what has happened thus far.

2. Analyze what/who you want to keep & which to let go of in your life.

3. What attitude & outlook on life & yourself serves & supports you, which do not?

4. What lessons have you learned recently?

5. Moving forward, what do you want next for yourself?

So here it is, my 2019 Word of The Year which will be used in many weekly mantras & affirmations: #FAVORED.

I no longer expect the worse is around the corner or suspect people have ill will or ulterior motives towards me. I expect goodness & supernatural blessings in every moment & situation from God, Universe, and the people placed in my life. I am taken care of, everything works out in my favor, and abundance of joy, love, peace, finances, & health overflow in my life. Blessings, Bliss, and Miracles are everywhere & I expect them to happen for me.

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