30 Days "Get Motivated" Challenge

This Challenge is for you've ever thought the following...

"I start off great, then I fizzle 2 weeks later."

"I really want to. but I'm just not motivated."

"I know I should, but I don't know why I don't."

"I'll start on Monday."

Motivation is a Muscle

Motivation is not bestowed, it is built.  The idea of waiting for motivation to suddenly appear is a myth.  Inspiration may appear unexpectedly, but motivation takes prioritization and practice.

Once you have it, protect it.

Inspiration > Motivation > then Momentum.  Is staying motivated possible?  YES!!  Actions and habits may differ, but motivation can stay constant.  In the next 30 days "Get Motivated" Challenge we will debunk the myths of motivation, you will discover yours, and put in to play.  As a free gift, you will have full use and access of to our fitness app and receive a free at home workout added to your profile.

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