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How Gratitude Rewires the Brain

I’ve been sick in bed since Monday night and today I can breathe & taste again!! Right in time for deep fried… Tofu, lol!
? is marinating for everyone else.

—-> What does a DAILY Gratitude practice do?
* Looking for even the smallest good everyday, trains your brain to look for hope during the gloomiest of times. Even if you’re “feeling” like everything in life is going wrong, the reality is.. something is going right but we must CHOOSE to see it. Rewire your brain to automatically scan for it. *

—–> Why is the gratitude space on the daily page so small? * It’s a quick practice. Train your brain to be quick & write the first thing that comes up, even if it’s just “my socks”. The end of the week reflection gives more room for thought expansion. *

Today I am grateful for everyone who has already said YES to being in the Bad Ass Manifesters group for January with the purchase of the Slay & Shine planner.

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