12 weeks Self-Care and Empowered Self-Confidence Challenge

Prioritize YOU

If you haven't gotten the hang of putting yourself first this late into your 2019 intentions to eat healthy, exercise, stay hydrated, sleep more, and live in peace in mind & spirit, statistically it gets harder for women during the last 3 months when we're doing so much for everyone else.  You may have experienced how hard it was at the end of last year to focus on your needs first, then vowed to resume again once January begins.  

Create a Lifestyle of Self-Care

Unlike the ease of picking up bad habits, good habits takes endurance, repetition, and practice to stick.  Having an organized plan, expected check-ins, accountability, a program to follow, and the support you need, really moves the needle for you to to create invigorated energy, fitness, health, life balance, and boundaries to feel accomplished.

Find Your Empowered Self-Confidence

Allowing your soul to speak and live it's truth without worrying what others will think or fearing exclusion and judgement, this is confidence.   And acting aligned with your core-values without having to compromise bits and pieces of your soul, that is what it is to shine as your Higher Self in your Inner Power.

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